Terms of Services

For Free Trial Demo Website:

1) There is only 1GB RAM, 10GB Storage for Zeustech Demo Website.

2) After 21 Days, Demo website will be closed , once after payment, website will recover and continue to use.

3) If subscription start payment before 21 days, website will not be closed.

4) Copyright of website still belong to Zeustech before subscription.

5) If the website being injected virus or hacked during trial period, website may not been recovered

6) If the traffic of website high or Zeustech discover any damage website behavior, Zeustech have the right to direct shut down the website.

7) Admin access will not be provided for user.

8) Once user confirm to subscribe our package, user can contact us to  request quotation.

9) Subdomain of demo website also belong to Zeustech.

10) User can request any plugin during trial period, we will provide the plugin if we have.

11) Governing Law :
Users are responsible to ensure that you comply to your country’s law, regulation and legislation on your subscription to ZEUSTECH’s Website. Any claim relating to ZEUSTECH’s website shall be governed by the law of Malaysia and the users hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Malaysia Courts. General Terms and Conditions applicable to Use of ZEUSTECH’s Website.

12) Non-Refundable :
Any payment made through certain third party websites and agents may not be eligible for changes or refunds. No refunds for changes or cancellation during the payment. No any credit or point received until full payment is completed. Even after full payment has been received, we reserve the right to cancel the user account without notice if we become aware of or are notified of any fraud or illegal activity associated with the payment.

13)The terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to future change by ZEUSTECH.