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30 Days 100% money back guaranteed, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

*10% discount on the next renewal 

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Most of the website development company tend to create tons of hidden costs. For example, they will normally charge website development service for RM3500 but you will need to ADD-ON domain for RM200, shopping cart integration for RM1500 and much more to complete your website!

Hey come on my grandchild, let’s me tell you a story.

“Long time long time ago, I sent an email to my website developer and now they still didn’t reply to my message.”


No more troublesome email support procedure. Any questions? Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp!

Furthermore,  we provide “unlimited WhatsApp support!” to our customer.

Har? Unlimited support not the industry standard meh?  Sorry to say, but this is not really what our market give to the customer. Most of the website development company seeks to provide “Limited support” which is limit the number of tickets customer sent to the developer.

Our services

Creative Design

Website Development

Premium Support

Why Choose Us?

Enjoy the honest price with ZERO HIDDEN COST.

The below pricing is what we stated for our services and this will be the amount we charged. You are no longer need to sell your car to pay for the website developer now!

In fact, we are charging 25% cheaper than most of our competitors!

  • Competitor 70% 70%
  • Zeus Tech 50% 50%

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