Website Edit Course

Introduction of Zeustech System

Introduction of Zeustech Affiliate System

Introduction of Zeustech Ecommerce System

Introduction of POS System and stock function

Example of Affiliate System Calculation

Website Edit Section

LESSON 1: Change logo of the website

LESSON 2: How to change Font and Color of theme

LESSON 3: How to change site icon of website

LESSON 4: How to add section and change position of section

LESSON 5: How to change content of Website

LESSON 6: How to make phone view responsive

LESSON 7: How to edit contact us form

LESSON 8: How to add a google map in website

LESSON 9: how to change visibility on phone or desktop

LESSON 26: How to create a new webpage in website

LESSON 28: How to edit your header menu

LESSON 31: How to add border and put time counter

Ecommerce Edit Section

LESSON 10: How to add a new product to website

LESSON 11: How to change product detail of website

LESSON 12: How to check order and change order status

LESSON 13: How to add a new user at backend of your website

LESSON 14: How to link product at product page

LESSON 15: How to edit the invoice and print out the invoice of orders

LESSON 27: How to add purchase function in your webpage

LESSON 29: How to edit email notification setting and check order

POS Point of Sale System Section

LESSON 19: How to change product price for POS

LESSON 20: How to add new Product for POS Point of Sale

Affiliate Function Section

LESSON 21: How to set referral commission in website

LESSON 22: How agent get affiliate link to send for public

LESSON 23: How to check agent profile and their performance

LESSON 24: How to check form registerar data

LESSON 25: How to edit landing page and register form

LESSON 30: How to get Referral through website